Drive Society is a private club for automotive enthusiasts. You bring the passion, we bring the cars.

We are the only club in the Washington, DC area offering driving access to a garage of high performance vehicles. Membership includes invitations to social and driving events and more. If you've been disappointed in the lack of true performance car rental or exotic and luxury car clubs in DC, look no more. Drive Society seeks to bring interesting people together in the spirit of community.

If you are passionate about driving, exploring, socializing all things automotive, then this is the club for you.

Join Drive Society to drive the cars and be part of the community.

Growing up I had a collection of toy cars that traveled with me everywhere I went. Years later, I’m still able to realize that childhood fantasy by access to a collection of dream cars through membership at Drive Society. They have a stable of supercars available to you any day of the week and I really appreciate the personalized service from their team. Start out the work week with a Ferrari and book end it with a Sunday drive in a limited edition Porsche. Childhood dreams do come true!
— Arash, Member

Our goal is to create a community to explore car culture, to experience exceptional driving, and to connect to a deeper experience beyond the everyday.

The Cars

Ferrari 458 Italia    35 points

Ferrari 458 Italia

35 points

“The Ferrari 458 Italia had such a refined engine and automatic transmission. I've never experienced a transmission that shifted as quickly as this one.“ ~ Andrew, Member

Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS    20 points

Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS

20 points

“The Mercedes AMG GT-S was a memorable car to drive. It is just as posh as the Ferrari 458 Italia and had gobs of power on tap. Putting it in sport plus mode was the key though because it transformed this grand touring car into an untamed beast! The exhaust note was intoxicating and I just wanted more.” ~ Andrew, Member

Porsche Cayman GT4    20 points

Porsche Cayman GT4

20 points

“The Porsche GT4 lived up to its reputation as a true driver's car. After driving the GT4 all day, I never grew tired of its powerful and wonderful exhaust note. The steering was exceptional and direct and the powertrain almost begs you to push the engine. The GT4 is like a hyper little dog that wants to run-run-run all the time. Definitely looking forward to driving this one again after I experience the rest of the cars.” ~ Drive Society Member

1969 Chevy Camaro    10 points

1969 Chevy Camaro

10 points

“The '69 Camaro is driving in its purest most distilled form.  No digital electronic computerized interference here.  The motor turns the transmission, the transmission turns the rear wheels and your bravery determines how hard you want to push this amazing machine.  I love this car. “ ~ George, Member

Tesla Roadster 2.5    10 points

Tesla Roadster 2.5

10 points

“The Tesla Roadster was our first adventure and provided a unique driving experience. Its massive, silent acceleration was simultaneously weird and cool. This car certainly seemed to draw the attention of a wide range of people (young and old) because of its beauty and rarity. Driving this car down twisty back roads allowed me to experience its engaging manual steering.“ ~ Andrew, Member

Porsche 911 Carrera S    8 points

Porsche 911 Carrera S

8 points

“Drive Society has been a blast!  It's easy, convenient and the team is a pleasure to work with.  My brother and I have shared some great days exploring VA and MD back roads in the Ferrari, the Mercedes, the BMW and the Porsches.  There is no other option to make that happen." ~ Drive Society Member

Land Rover Defender 110    15 points

Land Rover Defender 110

15 points

Porsche Boxster    6 points

Porsche Boxster

6 points

“My experience with Drive Society has been amazing. I'm so excited that I took the jump and joined. Drive Society is an awesome way to experience so many fantastic cars like the Boxster!” ~Sara, Member

Tesla Model S P85    6 points

Tesla Model S P85

6 points

don't see the car you love?

Become a Member today and help choose the cars!

We are building the dream garage of our Members. Drive Society is the only club where you get to choose which cars stay in the garage, which ones we sell, and what we buy next. Our inaugural Great Car Debate resulted in the addition of the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS. What will be the next exotic, classic, or luxury performance car in the club? You decide.

You don't just drive the cars - you drive the direction of the club and meet like-minded enthusiasts who love cars and want to experience them all.

Want to see the cars you already missed?

See the cars that have already left the club on our Past Cars page.

How It Works

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The club offers a variety of activities on top of the driving. From scheduled tours to F1 viewing parties to casual get togethers at local restaurants. It’s great to have a variety of options to participate in based on my busy lifestyle.
— Gordon, Member

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