West Coast Overlanding Tour

Camping? Yes. Car Camping? Yes. But Overlanding? No, I’d never heard of overlanding before last month. But it turns out overlanding is just the perfect combination of camping and driving. You pack up a great off-road vehicle with everything you need for camping and off you go into the wilderness to explore!

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Fall Driving

There is no better time for driving than the Fall. Crisp air and colorful scenery make for a fun, engaging day on the road. We explored backroads from Marshall to Skyline Drive on a gorgeous, clear, brisk day. It was a Porsche-centric day with Members driving the Cayman GT4, 911 Carrera S, and the Boxster, as well as the Mercedes-Benz AMG GTS and their own great cars.

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Goodbye to the BMW 1M

The BMW 1-Series M is a very special car that's near and dear to our hearts. It's one of the lowest production M cars ever (only 740 in the USA). It has a loyal cult-like following which makes it more of a collectors car than a daily driver (though it can be both).

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Danielle ScheferBMW 1M
Driving Them All

We love other car clubs. They all have slightly different vibes. All are full of great people passionate about cars and enjoying them alongside their fellow enthusiasts. One very popular event is typically…

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