Something Big Just Happened

Something big just happened. I don’t really know where to begin, but it’s outside, right now, in my garage. I’ve had a 911 almost 8 years exactly. It’s been a wonderful 8 year monogamous relationship. I rarely strayed from her, except on race days in my RX7. But the 911 didn’t want that sort of abuse unbecoming of a partial garage queen anyway. But that’s all changed now. Almost overnight. Now there’s a 4.5 liter flat-plane crank mid-engine V8 in my garage. It has svelte, sexy lines and a screaming 9,000 RPM redline and big paddle shifters. And that’s not all. The Ferrari 458 in my garage is just one of many planned purchases. A fleet of exceptional driver’s cars is going to fill my garage and overflow my driveway into parking spaces throughout DC. For me, having the 458 in my garage is a really big deal. I’ve wanted one since the day I fulfilled my last automotive dream of buying a Carrera S. But the 458 just never made sense. Too ostentatious. Too expensive. No back seats (yes, I have kids and I use those seats). So why did I just buy this insane machine? I already have a Carrera S and an RX7 racecar. Why am I planning to buy a Mustang GT350, AMG GTS, BMW 1M, Camaro, Cayman GT4, and maybe even a Ford Raptor??

The Ferrari in my garage represents the birth of Drive Society.

Drive Society allows me to share a fleet of impractical but fun driver’s cars with my friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens who are longing for something more in their automotive experience. Do you want to drive a GT3? Great! Do you want to learn to drive on a racetrack? Awesome. Do you want to hear the rumble of a classic American V8 echoing off the ceiling of your condo’s parking garage?  Perfect. Check us out as we get going. Make suggestions as we flush out our initial offerings and hit me up with your questions or ideas because something big is happening in 2018 in DC.