Fall Driving in Virginia Horse Country

With all the rain this year, the fall colors have taken their time coming out. But we lucked out and got to enjoy great fall colors on our scenic drive.

We started in Middleburg, Virginia, the home of Virginia Horse Country. Middleburg is a beautiful small town with great restaurants and shops. At the aptly-named Cuppa Giddyup coffee shop, we chatted over hot coffees as we readied for our drive.


We rode out in style with the Ferrari 458 Italia, 911 Carrera S, and some great Member cars including a Corvette and a BMW M4. We headed to Bluemont so we could catch the ridge road that goes along Mount Weather, an evacuation site for high level Government officials (though we doubt they’ll be driving anything but military trucks to it if they evacuate to it).

We drove past Sky Meadows State Park, the apple orchards of Markham, and the quaint town of Flint Hill. Then we wound our way up to the Gentle Harvest café in Marshall, VA for a bite to eat. Members peeled off then to explore the roads on their own before heading back to the real world.