The DC Auto Show

It was 10 jam-packed days of cars, cars, cars! We talked cars with loads of people and shared about our new club. The show was too big to cover it all here, but a few awesome cars stood out.


We loved the Land Rover experience. They trucked in tons of dirt and created an off-road course you could drive on. The Land Rovers tipped this way and that, to go off-camber by 35 degrees! What a great time. Never having driven off road like this before, we understood why rock crawling can be addictive!

We were near the Mustang Alley, full of classic and new mustangs. All were beautiful and well-loved by their owners. We don't yet have a mustang in the club but we are seriously considering a Mustang GT 350. What a beast of a car! 


The other thing that stood out was how the focus of car manufacturers has changed. Many are trying to gain customers through entertaining (or info-taining) you while you happen to be driving, instead of focusing on the driving experience. Is this the price of smart phone addiction or just less interest in the sport and skill of driving? We still want to drive - just drive, listening to the engine and the wind and feeling the car under and around us, as an amazing machine in its own right. 

Danielle, Member 0auto show