The Opportunity of Car Sharing

So you want to buy a sports car. You’ve read all the articles and you’ve narrowed it down to a new M2. Or a new 718 Cayman. Or you want something with AWD and backseats so you’re going to get the new Audi RS3. Or wait, you want ridiculous power and Italian styling so the Giulia Quadrifoglio is your pick. Whatever you’ve chosen, let’s walk through the general process:

  1. Research Car and Discuss/Debate which car to get. Argue with friends who disagree.

  2. Haggle with multiple people until eventually acquiring Car through either cash/loan/lease.

  3. Pay for Insurance, Personal Property Tax, Sales Tax, and potentially an extra parking spot.

  4. Drive car... but not too much as you don’t want to depreciate this beauty.

  5. Ignore car on the days you’re not driving it. Try not to feel guilty.

  6. Pretend you’re not already planning the next car you want.

  7. Maintain car. Drive to shop or dealer, haggle over costs. Feel frustration over the wasted time.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7.

  9. Sell car and get hit with depreciation (generally half the car’s value in 3-5 years).

porsche front ends.jpg

Of this process there’s really only 2 fun steps: debating and driving. What if you could just do those two steps over and over again for about the same cost as buying (per use) with much less risk and almost no commitment? If you’re going to buy a fun car, and drive it less than 40 days a year, then consider this 3 step process:

  1. Join Drive Society.

  2. Research, Discuss, and Debate which car to drive next.

  3. Drive them all.

Drive Society owns a garage of fun cars that our members help choose. Members join by buying a package of points that can be applied to driving cars and other events. The number of points each car uses per day depends on the value of the car. In the end, the cost per day roughly equates to the cost of buying that car and only driving it 40 days a year. So if you buy a car and it’s mostly a weekend driver then Drive Society is a more sensible option. Why choose just one car when you can have access to a whole fleet?