Driving Them All

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We love other car clubs: Porsche Club, Ferrari Club, Mazda Club, Sports Car Club of America.. etc... the list goes on and on. They all have slightly different vibes. Many people overlap between different clubs as well. I’ve done events with many of these clubs. All are full of great people passionate about cars and enjoying them alongside their fellow enthusiasts. Most clubs have similar types of events, and one popular event is some form of scenic drive usually coupled with a stop at a good restaurant. For car lovers, the next best thing to driving great cars is talking about them over great food. Add to that finding new back roads, seeing great scenery, and hearing the rumble of distinctive engines and you’ve got a great day on your hands.

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Ready to take your scenic drive up a notch? No you don’t have to drive faster, take bigger risks or spend more: try swapping cars with your friends. Drive for 20-30 min in one car then switch, and repeat, and repeat. Over the course of a two hour drive you could experience several cars that you’ve never had the pleasure of driving. Wondering why your buddy likes Mercedes so much when you’ve always been a die-hard Porsche fan? Wondering if you could ever give up German build quality for Italian styling? Pit stop and switch cars.  This may not work well in many car clubs, but in Drive Society it’s built right into the model. The cars are here for the members to drive and share. We bring the cars, you bring the passion.  

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