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Drive Society Members Darren and Sara share their experiences driving, socializing, exploring all things automotive.

Drive Society is the only club in the Washington, DC area offering access to a garage of high performance vehicles. Membership includes invitations to Drive Society social and driving events and more.

Members buy a Points Package to drive the cars:

Apex $12,000 for 400 points  |  Chicane $6,000 for 190 points |  Carousel $2,000 for 60 points

How it works

Each car has a points value per calendar day. Each event has a points value per event. You use your points to drive the cars and attend events. You can buy additional points as you need them. Your points never expire. Monthly Membership dues  ($50) start after 12 months if you have points remaining.

Reserve your driving days by checking the Members calendar and requesting cars via text, email, or phone. Weekends require a two day reservation. Cars are picked up and returned at our garage in Arlington. No need to fill up the gas when you drop it off. Insurance is provided for physical damage and supplemental liability; however, your auto policy is primary for liability claims. Access to the Ferrari is limited to Apex and Chicane packages.

Members are verified through a screening process that ensures all drivers practice mechanical sympathy and are passionate about all things automotive. Members must be at least 28 years old.


Our story

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It all started with a 911 back in 2010. We spent months scouring the country until we found the perfect Porsche 911. It sounded great, it looked great, it was awesome. We drove it a lot at first but then a little less and a little less and then we had kids. We jammed the first car seat into the back and still drove it sometimes. But, a car can be expensive even if you don’t drive it. The property tax bills were high and we started looking at what the car really honestly was costing us. When you compare the costs for depreciation, parking, maintenance, and insurance against how often we were driving it, it was costing us $500 each time we drove it. We knew it mostly sat there but we didn’t want to give up the dream. We figured there must be a way for us to enjoy fun cars but not have the incredible expenses (and guilt for not driving it) to go along with it. That was the genesis of Drive Society.  We wanted to be able to enjoy lots of fun cars at a price point that made sense.

Join us and drive your dream.

Ownership versus membership

Why own one car when you can have access to a garage of performance vehicles? With no exotic car rental clubs in DC, the two options for driving a Ferrari are: buy one or drive one with us. The real costs of ownership are significant, as are the headaches that go with it.  

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