Past Cars

BMW 1 Series M

Drive the rarest of BMW M cars. The first of only 740 1M’s delivered to customers in the US, the Drive Society 1M is a rare and special car. With the bakes and suspension from the larger M3, widened fenders to fit wide rubber, and a tuned twin turbo 3 liter motor, this Valencia Orange 1M is one angry little monster.

  • 335 horsepowerand 370 lbs/ft of torque

  • 0-60 in 4.3 seconds

  • Top Speed 155 mph

“Driving the BMW 1M is exhilarating as it easily hugs curves and tears up straightaways while shifting through a manual 6 gear transmission. It’s unbelievably comfortable while doing so to boot!”
— Mark, Member
RX-7 on ridge.jpg

Mazda RX-7

Our deep love for Rotary engines shines through with this fun, twin-turbo RX-7.