Drive Society is the only club in the Washington, DC area offering driving access to a garage of high performance vehicles. Membership includes invitations to Drive Society social and driving events and more. 

We are building the dream garage of our Members. Members choose which cars stay in the garage, which ones we sell, and what we buy next.

Own one CAR or drive them all?

It used to be true that in order to enjoy a fun car, you had to own it. But think about what ownership is really like:

I am an auto and motorcycle enthusiast and I ran out of space in my garage for more vehicles. Drive Society fits my lifestyle perfectly.
— Gordon, Member
  1. Research cars and Discuss/Debate which car to get.

  2. Haggle, haggle, haggle until eventually acquiring car through either cash/loan/lease.

  3. Pay for Insurance, Personal Property Tax, Sales Tax, and potentially an extra parking spot.

  4. Drive car... but not too much as you don’t want to depreciate this beauty.

  5. Ignore car on the days you’re not driving it. Try not to feel guilty.

  6. Pretend you’re not already planning the next car you want.

  7. Maintain car. Drive to shop or dealer, haggle over costs. Feel frustration over the wasted time.

  8. Repeat steps 3-7.

  9. Sell car and get hit with depreciation (generally half the car’s value in 3-5 years).

There’s really only 2 fun steps: debating and driving. What if you could just do those two steps over and over again for about the same cost per use as buying with much less risk and almost no commitment? If you’re going to buy a fun car, and drive it less than 40 days a year, then consider this:

  1. Join Drive Society.

  2. Drive our cars.

  3. Research, Discuss, and Debate which car we buy next.

The club allows me to drive beautifully engineered cars at a fraction of the cost of ownership.
— Mark, Member


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It all started with a 911 back in 2010. We spent months scouring the country until we found the perfect Porsche 911. It sounded great, it looked great, it was awesome. We drove it a lot at first but then a little less and a little less and then we had kids. We jammed the first car seat into the back and still drove it sometimes. But, a car can be expensive even if you don’t drive it. The property tax bills were high and we started looking at what the car really honestly was costing us. When you compare the costs for depreciation, parking, maintenance, and insurance against how often we were driving it, it was costing us $500 each time we drove it. We knew it mostly sat there but we didn’t want to give up the dream. We figured there must be a way for us to enjoy fun cars but not have the incredible expenses (and guilt for not driving it) to go along with it. That was the genesis of Drive Society.  We wanted to be able to enjoy lots of fun cars at a price point that made sense.

Join us and drive your dream.


We are looking for Members who share our core automotive values:

  • These cars are for every Member, including you. Treat them like your own.

  • All cars should be treated with a certain amount of mechanical sympathy. Every car has a unique personality with various benefits and drawbacks (which we love to debate).

  • Driving matters. Driving can still be a fun, engaging activity if done safely and without distraction.

  • Be a part of the community – join us at events to get to know other petrol heads and talk cars. We want to get to know you.

I was looking for a way to experience different high performance cars without all the hassle of ownership (taxes, maintenance, storage) and Drive Society fit the bill
— Gordon, Member